Online Courses



We realise that many people just cannot afford the time to come onto an attendance course (unfortunately work and other responsibilities can get in the way); or they live in an area where physically getting to a course is a problem.


So, with this in mind we're introducing a range of online courses where you can learn in the comfort of your own home. 


All of our attendance nail courses have the option for students to use the online student portal to access information such as Health & Safety and Anatomy & Physiology. We're providing this so that your time (when you attend a course) is only spent learning the practical skills of becoming a nail technician.



How It Works


Sign up for one of our online nail courses. You'll then receive a training pack through the post, which includes the equipment you need to do your nail course. You'll also receive your log in details for the student portal.


Once you've logged in, you'll then be able to access videos and other training materials relevant to the course you have booked onto.


The nail training videos are high quality, in-depth and practical; providing a perfect way for you to learn to do nails without attencing a course.


Furthermore, we will also be introducing 'Group Interactive Sessions' for our online courses. What this means is that you'll be able to directly talk and interact with your tutor in a virtual class environment where you'll be able to discuss any issues about your nail training. This involves two way video links where you can use your smartphone to interact with your tutor in realtime. You'll be able to show the techniques you've learnt and see those demonstrated by your tutor as well.


It's two way learning without having to be there in person

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