We're Expanding

Qualify quickly, earn a good living and start a career that fits into the lifestyle you want.


At the Nail Tech Academy we offer a range of courses for beginners and practitioners in Nails that will give you the skills you need to be a confident beautician or nail technician.


These intensive nail and beauty courses are designed to teach you in a practical way the techniques and skills necessary to begin a career in the industry. And, because they're intensive, tutor led courses, you don't have to spend months in the classroom. For instance, The Nail Technician course is a two day intensive practical course that teaches all the major systems. Upon passing you're awarded a recognised certificate that allows you to obtain insurance and start working.


And in the credit crunch when we all have to keep an eye on our finances you'll find that our courses are probably the most competitive in the market. In fact we've kept our Nail Technician course at the same price - just £239 - for the past three years.

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