Fasttrack Courses

If you want to change your career, whether you're stuck in an unrewarding job or you want new challenges then one of the most frustrating things is retraining - specifically the length of time it takes before you're able to get out and start working.


Qualified, professional training courses in Nails can take anywhere from several months to a year (or more) to complete. Yet if you break the actual class time down you can find that you're not actually there for that long it just seems longer because it's drawn out over a longer period.


That's why we put fastTrack together, as a way of putting in as much time as a full length course but concentrating it into two weeks of intensive practical study, so you get maximum exposure to each course unit.


With fastTrack you'll be immersed in beauty, nails and massage, so you can really get to know the ins and outs of your new career.

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